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Yummies Wadebridge - 9 Commissioners Road PL27 7AS - open every day 3:30 pm to midnight


Yummies Charcoal Grill Kebabs - The Healthy Choice!

All kebabs are served in hot pitta bread with sauces and fresh salad.

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Chicken Menu


  Sml Lrg
Doner Kebab Minced lamb, specially prepared and roasted on an open spit £5.00 £6.00
Shish Kebab Marinated cubes of lamb, grilled on a skewer   £7.00
Chicken Kebab Marinated cubes of chicken, grilled on a skewer   £6.50
House Special Kebab A mix of doner, shish and chicken   £9.00
Doner Meat & Chips Served with salad and sauce   £6.50

Combination Kebabs

Shish Kebab & Doner Kebab     £7.00
Chicken Kebab & Doner Kebab     £7.00
Chicken Kebab & Shish Kebab     £7.00


Chicken Wrap     £4.00
Doner Wrap     £4.50
Chicken Shish Wrap     £4.50
Lamb Shish Wrap     £4.50